Launch of the AVANT Range

Introducing the Avant Range by Colcab: Elevate Your Display Solutions

In the world of retail, restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels, the first impression is everything. The way you present your products not only entices customers but also sets the tone for their entire experience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Avant Range by Colcab, your trusted partner in quality display solutions.

The Avant Range is a game-changer for businesses looking to take their displays to the next level. These plug-in display units offer the perfect blend of functionality, versatility, and style. Whether you run a bustling coffee shop, a high-end hotel, or a local bakery, the Avant Range has the ideal display solution for you.

1. Variety of Sizes and Ranges:

Grab and Go: Perfect for quick-service restaurants and convenience stores.

Bain Marie: Ideal for keeping your delectable dishes warm and ready to serve.

Serve-Over: A classic choice for showcasing your baked goods, desserts, or merchandise.

2. Quality Construction:

The Avant Range features double-glazed glass panes that not only look sleek but also provide insulation to keep your products in their optimal condition. LED lighting ensures that your products are showcased in the best possible light, making them even more irresistible to your customers.

3. Plug-in Installation:

Say goodbye to complicated setups. The Avant Range is designed for quick and easy operation, so you can focus on what matters most—your business.

4. Mobility and Maintenance:

Cleaning under cabinets is a breeze with castor wheels, ensuring that your display area always looks pristine.

Order Your Avant Range Today

Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your business with the Avant Range from Colcab. These top-tier display units are available for order now, and the full catalogue with detailed specifications can be found at this link. Simply send an email to Vaudette Moore at

When you invest in the Avant Range, you’re investing in a display solution that will not only enhance your products’ presentation but also elevate your customers’ experience. It’s time to make a lasting impression with the Avant Range.

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