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South Africa’s largest manufacturer of Refrigerated Display Cabinets for Supermarkets.
Our Mission Statement

We will lead the markets we serve with innovative products and technical advances in a relentless pursuit to
exceed customer expectations.

We will create a culture that promotes teamwork, integrity and respect for our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.

We are intolerant if mediocrity and dedicated to continuous
improvement as a way of life.

As a result, we will enhance the success of our customers, the return of our stakeholders and the satisfaction of our employees.

Company Profile

COLCAB (Pty) Ltd is Africa’s largest Supermarket Refrigerated Display Case manufacturer. The company is based in Cape Town in a factory comprising 12000 square metres under roof with a staff complement of 250 workers. The current output of the factory satisfies approximately 60% of the local market demand.
Colcab (Pty) Ltd also exports into Africa and elsewhere. Currently they supply cases to customers in Namibia, Australia, Mozambique,
Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Phillipines and Sir Lanka.

Currently we produce three distinct ranges of cabinets, namely:

1. “Origin” (Since 1998) a U.S.A. styled case
2. “Manor” (Since 2005) a European styled case
3. “Sydney” (Since 2005) also European styled cabinet.

We are the only South African Cabinet Manufacturer with an international standard test facility.

Ivor Morgan (C.E.O)
Dave Roberts (Technical Director)
Ian Harries (Sales Director)
Keith Reeves (Human Resource Director)
Johan Burger (Production Director)
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